Sponsored International Workshops and Residencies


“It is important for our visual artists to get exposure to other cultures, ideas and techniques. International Workshops,

residencies and the like are very effective ways to stimulate artists with fresh ideas.” Cynthia Zukas, MBE, Chairperson


Ngamanya Banda, Kariba Fish, 2003, black and white marble, 149cm x 12cm x 24cm; donated by the artist
DSC02203 Kariba Fish

Milumbe Haimbe


Geoffrey Phiri

DSC01280 Milumbe Haimbe                                                 DSC01264 Geoffrey Phiri

Portrait by Shadreck Simukanga, 2004, pencil and charcoal on paper, 54cm x 40cm

Art Omni International Artists Residency, New York, June 26 - July 18, 2011


Portrait by Shadreck Simukanga, 2004, pencil and charcoal on paper, 54cm x 40cm

Artist-in-Residence, De Koloniehoff, Frederiksnoord, Netherlands, 2005

Mulenga Chafilwa


Zenzele Kenneth Chulu

DSC01369 Mulenga Chafilwa


Zenzele Chulu

Portrait by Shadreck Simukanga, 2004, pencil and charcoal on paper, 54cm x 40cm

Artist-in-Residence, De Koloniehoff, Frederiksnoord, Netherlands, 2005



International Biennial of Contemporary Art, Florence, December 3 - 11, 2011 TGD4 International Workshop, Tambacounda, Senegal, 2004

Charles Chambata


Ngamanya Banda

Charles Chambata


Ngamanya Banda

4th Beijing Biennale, September 2010
Chambata’s third trip to China. From ‘The Art Pages, 31st August 2010. “The east has been charmed by his forms articulated with such precision in wood or stone. The Beijing Biennale is addressing the most challenging subject of recent times of climate change. Artists have been asked to bring artworks that symbolise the cause. Chambata’s selected art piece is a sheer execution of wood into a giant magnified dried leaf.”


Artist In Residence, MacDowell Colony, New Hampshire, USA, September 2004
“With great thanks I acknowledge having received an air ticket to Boston, USA on 30th August 2004. I feel so much stimulated already and trust that my programme will be a big success. In acknowledgement of this assistance, I wish to donate one of my artworks (sculpture) to the Lechwe Trust permanent collection.”


Algerian Artists’ Union International Sculpture Symposium, Tipasa, Algeria, 2004
“From 8th December 2003 to 8th January 2004 the Algerian Artists’ Union hosted an international sculpture symposium. I was invited to participate. My participation was made possible by the support I got from the Lechwe Trust who funded my fare and out-of-pocket expenses.'

I would therefore like to thank the Lechwe Trust for their timely gesture. The assistance came at a time when all efforts to get support seem to have been exhausted, and it was becoming certain that I was going to miss this important event. [...] I was assigned to work with an Algerian Professor, Muhammad Bakhech. [...] I was awarded honorary membership as well as professional membership of the Algerian Artist Union. In addition, the Union has offered to organise a solo exhibition for me. The Workshop was very important and it is clear that it will play a vital role as I endeavour in my artistic development.”


11th October 2005 Ngamanya Banda writes: “I write to thank you for the sponsorship that Lechwe Trust gave me for my ‘artist in residency’ programme at the MacDowell Colony, New Hampshire, USA in 2004. The work that I produced during that period has assisted me by being considered and accepted for a two month UNESCO fellowship programme at the Sacatar Foundation in Bahia, Brazil. The fellowship is fully funded by UNESCO. I take this opportunity to formally inform and thank the Trust for the current progress in my art career.”


Sponsored Exhibitions

Agnes Buya Yombwe and Lawrence Yombwe

“Homecoming”, Livingstone 2007

Lutanda Mwamba

Solo Exhibition of Collographic Prints, Lusaka, 2006

Visual Arts Council

Exhibition of Women Artists, “Sketches of the Tempest”, Lusaka, 2001

Style Kunda

Solo Exhibition, Lusaka, 2000

Sponsored Students; some letters of thanks.


Gift Nondo


Francisco Nyamutoka

(2008 - 2010, EHCAAC)
(sponsorship final year, 2012, Evelyn Hone College of Applied Arts and Commerce, EHCAAC)
“[..] Finally, but not least I would like to thank the following: Mr Mulenga Chafilwa for introducing me to Lechwe Trust and for his personal support as an artist. Mrs Cynthia Zukas, the chairperson who made it possible for me to complete my Diploma level of art education. [...] and for buying my sculpture piece entitled “The Microbicides” [...] for the collection; Mr William Miko, the Vice Chairperson who has been helpful to me throughout, I thank him for his moral and financial support; Mr Kausa and the entire committee for their moral support."              

"I write to extend my heartfelt and innermost gratitude for the financial support your organisation rendered to me for the past three years of my studies for Art Teachers Diploma. Indeed the help you rendered has equipped me with skills that will not only benefit me as an individual but my family, the society and the nation at large.

I also sincerely appreciate Mr William Miko and Mr Roy Kausa for special interest, tireless efforts and making helpful suggestions that have improved the presentation of my art portfolio. The advice I was given has been very helpful and gave me a new perspective on available activities. [...] I have dedicated most of my time doing artworks hence I visited exhibitions [...] for the improvement of my art portfolio presentation. I also visited the Lusaka National Museum library for studies. [...] Regular reports on my academic performance and artworks have been presented to Lechwe Trust and I have always worked tirelessly to perfect the standards especially in terms of how to draw and paint. Great difference has been noted in the way I used to paint in 2010 as compared to 2012. [...] Once again I thank you most sincerely for the financial support."

Sponsored Workshops

2008 Print Workshop participant

2008 Print Workshop. Some of the cheaper print tools - potatoes

2008 Print Workshop, Finished prints

Wayiwayi Art Studio& Gallery

Printmaking Workshop, Livingstone, 2008

Extract from Andrew Mulenga’s “Hole in the Wall”, Weekend Post, 18th April 2008.
“Last weeks artists Lawrence Yombwe and his wife Agnes organised a five day printmaking workshop that attracted eight participants to their Livingstone-home studio. The workshop also involved artists Gill Zulu and Milliot Ngoma, as well as Lutanda Mwamba, coming in as an observer on behalf of the sponsors Lechwe Trust who fully funded the project. [...] Mwamba who is one of Zambia’s few existing printmakers alongside Peter Mweemba of Choma, Cynthia Zukas of Lusaka and the host Agnes explained that with the enthusiasm he had seen, if they put their heads together they could do something sustainable. [...]
“Yombwe is looking forward to other different projects [and says] 'I am happy with the outcome and grateful to all those who came to assist Agnes and myself for the workshop. We definitely could not have done it alone. I am particularly grateful to [...] Lechwe Trust.'
“... and from Agnes Yombwe: 'This workshop has opened up new doors for Lawrence and myself. [...]We have now started conducting art lessons during weekends and school holidays.'”













Flinto Chandia

Flinto Chandia

“Kabasa Sculpture Workshop, Hand Tools Technique for Young Artists”, Lusaka, 2002

Sculpture Workshop, 2001. “I would like to thank Lechwe Trust for having sponsored a successful workshop for up-coming young artists in the use of hand tools for sculpture. I have since visited all the artists who participated in that workshop and they have improved their artistic skills tremendously.”