Royal Netherlands Embassy Donation

Donation of Zambian Artworks by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, 16th April 2013 at Twaya Art-Zambia Gallery in the Hotel Intercontinental, Lusaka


Market Place, by Mikiti (1)

Mikiti, Market Place, 1980s, oil on canvas, 120cm x 41cm; donated by the Royal Netherlands Embassy, Lusaka 2013
© Andrew Mulenga

Speech (in part) by Ardi Stoios-Braken, Head of Mission, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

“It is with great pleasure that I herewith wish to formalize a donation of seventeen Zambian works of art to the Lechwe Trust. The works were acquired by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands during the many years of its operation here in Zambia. As the Embassy is preparing for its closure and as The Netherlands government wishes this collection to stay in Zambia, I believe The Netherlands government has found the Lechwe Trust a suitable partner to maintain this collection and to ensure that these works of art, as an integral part of the Lechwe Trust’s vast collection will be on display for a wide audience, once the Lechwe Trust has realized its plans for a gallery in Rhodes Park.”

Speech (in part) by Cynthia Zukas, Chairperson Lechwe Trust

“Honourable Minister and Friends, I would like to thank Madame Stoios-Braken and the Royal Netherlands Embassy for this wonderful donation of contemporary Zambian art. It will make a significant addition to our Lechwe collection. But, the gift comes as a mixed blessing, as at the same time we are losing our friends from the Netherlands who have contributed so much to the Visual Arts in Zambia."

“I wish I could tell you that the works will go on display very soon after this exhibition, but sadly they are likely to be stored for a while.
“We are also fortunate to have received support from the Aylmer May Cemetery Restoration Trust, who has given us an ideal piece of land in Rhodes Park, for our gallery. I hope, Honourable Minister, that next time we ask you to officiate at a Lechwe Trust function, it will be to lay the foundation stone of the building.”

Kumalonda by Stary Mwaba

Stary Mwaba, Kumalonda. 2001, acrylic and charcoal on canvas, 97cm x 64cm; donated by the Royal Netherlands Embassy, Lusaka 2013
© Andrew Mulenga

Street Children by Mc Donald Nkhoma

McDonald Nkhoma, Street Kids, 2009, acrylic, cardboards and materials, 125cm x 132cm; donated by the Royal Netherlands Embassy, Lusaka 2013
© Andrew Mulenga

Speech (in part) by Honourable Silvia Masebo, M.P., Minister of Tourism and Arts.

“Mrs Charlotte Scott, wife of our Vice-President; Permanent Secretaries present, your Excellencies and High Commissioners, the Chairperson of Lechwe Trust Mrs Cynthia Zukas, distinguished invited guests, ladies and gentlemen. Let me welcome you all to this handover ceremony of artworks from the Netherlands Embassy in Zambia to the Lechwe Trust."

“Invited guests - the Royal Netherlands Embassy has been supporting the arts since its establishment in this country several years ago. This support includes sponsorship of graphic artists working in the media fraternity. We are saddened therefore to learn that the Netherlands Embassy in Lusaka is closing down. However, we are happy to learn that you will maintain an active economic desk in Zambia.
“As some of you are aware, the Lechwe Trust was founded in 1986 with the aim of promoting the development of the visual arts in Zambia. Since its establishment the Trust has also from time to time sponsored outstanding artists in Zambia for further studies at home and overseas.
“Invited guests, ladies and gentlemen, let me thank and commend the Royal Netherlands Embassy for donating paintings and sculptures to the people of Zambia through the Lechwe Trust in Lusaka. The works of art which the Embassy is donating are sculptures and paintings which were bought by the Dutch Embassy over the years from top Zambian artists such as Lutanda Mwamba, Laurey and Flinto Chandia, Stary Mwaba and McDonald Nkhoma. […]
“Finally let me say how pleased I am to have officially witnessed the handover of this beautiful collection of Zambian art to the Lechwe Trust on behalf of the Zambian people.”


Chafilwa, Mulenga Open University Acrylic and charcoal on canvas 280cm x 120cm 2010
Mumba, Patrick Keepers of the Tribe Acrylic on Canvas 157cm x 117cm 2011
Mikiti Market place Oil paints on canvas 120cm x 41cm 1980s
Nevers-Chandia, Laura Oba Acrylic, metal, mixed media on canvas 162cm x 131cm 2001
Mwamba, Lutanda Giving Life Acrylic on Canvas 72cm x 48cm 2007
Mwamba, Lutanda Life Line Acrylic on Canvas 80cm x 60cm 2007
Mumba, Eddie Family Marble 82cm x 42cm x 42cm 2007
Mumba, Eddie Friendship Ebony, teak, and rosewood 115cm x 47cm x 37cm 2009
E. J. Suwilanji Simbeye Acrylic on Canvas 53cm x 48cm 2001
Kabwe, Paul Faces Ebony 61 x 14cm x 14cm 1980s
Ninda, Angela Chipanda An African Woman Teak and beads 80cm x 26cm x 26cm 2009
Mwaba, Stary Kumalonda Acrylic and charcoal on canvas 97cm x 64cm 2001
Mabuku, Samuel A Day before Exams Marble and ebony 83cm x 61cm x 46cm 2008
Nkhoma, McDonald Street Kids Acrylic, cardboard and materials 125cm x 132cm 2009
Chandia, Flinto S Mumbi Untitled White and black marble 70cm x 156cm x 105cm 2004
Jack, Baba Untitled Brown and white marble 167cm x 58cm x 38cm 1980s
Chandia, Flinto S Mumbi The Harvest White and black marble and metal 162cm x 72cm x 48cm 2007

Friendship Eddie Mumba 5

Eddie Mumba,Friendship, 2009, ebony and teak and rosewood, 115cm x 47cm x 37cm; donated by the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Lusaka, 2013

Untitled, Flinto Chandia

Flinto S Mumbi Chandia, Untitled, 2004, white and black marble, 70cm x 156cm x 105cm; donated by the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Lusaka, 2013