Lutanda Mwamba died unexpectedly in May 2014. Lutanda was an exceptional print maker, a fine painter and innovative artist. He was a natural teacher who inspired young artists; a founding member of Rockston and the Insakartists Workshop. He took personal apprentices – one of whom is Stary Mwaba. In 1990 Lechwe Trust assisted him during his six months studying at Reading University. He made a unique contribution to art and to artists in Zambia. Over the years Lechwe Trust has acquired ten of Lutanda's artworks, including one from when he was just 22 years old.
Shortly following his death, a friend of Lechwe Trust donated a lino print to the Lechwe Trust collection: “Make the place look good.”

‘Make the place look good’, Lutanda Mwamba, lino print, 3/10, 33cm x 21cm, 2012