Works by Patrick Mumba and Victor Makashi, well-known Zambian artists whose artistic careers span many decades. Both artists are painters and work mainly with acrylics on canvas; Victor is also known for producing artworks in pastel on paper.

It is interesting to see large works on canvas from both artists, with the largest size being 402cm x 134cm. In pursuit of joy exhibition has seen the artists explore the use of bright warm colours, different sizes and shapes of canvas with a variety of subject matter and compositions.

In total, we are exhibiting 59 pieces, 33 from Victor Makashi and 26 from Patrick Mumba. 56 of these are for sale. While observing strict health guidelines during the exhibition opening, 10 pieces were booked by private collectors, gallery, and patrons of art. The pieces for sale range in price from K8,000 to K69,000.

This exhibition is open daily (except Mondays) and closes on 30th June 2021. Strict covid practices apply.

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Patrick Mumba And Victor Makashi

Patrick Mumba (left) and Victor Makashi at the opening.

In Pursuit Of Joy 2
In Pursuit Of Joy 3
In Pursuit Of Joy 1