Past Exhibition ~ 

AS ZAMBIA HOSTS THE AFRICA UNION SUMMIT, we are pleased to invite delegates from the African Union to visit the Lechwe Trust Art Gallery, to view our “Heritage Art Collection”. We are highlighting some outstanding representative pieces dating from the 1950s to date, including portraits by some renowned Zambian visual artists, artworks that have not been exhibited in a long time, and new acquisitions that are gracing the gallery walls for the very first time.

A visit to the Lechwe Trust Art Gallery during this exhibition is an historical journey through Zambian art, illustrating how the art scene has evolved over time. Part of the display is a retrospective, in honour of some of the talented Zambian artists who have passed, namely Bente Lorenz, Akwila Simpasa, Shadreck Simukanga, Paul Kabwe, Friday Tembo and Flinto Chandia. Their artworks remain of great historical importance to Zambia’s heritage.

For pupils and students of art, the exhibition provides an opportunity for translating into reality the theory learnt in class, and we encourage learning institutions to visit the Art Gallery.

The Art Gallery is open Tuesday – Saturday 1000-1800hrs; Sundays 1200-1800hrs.


Comments from recent visitors:

Kaoma: “Very interesting display that has evoked old fond memories… Most of the artists featured are well known people I have worked with”.

Lombe: “Very interesting portrait drawings by Shadreck Simukanga”.

Ronald Nkhande: “Always a fulfilling experience to visit [the gallery], the learners had a good time”. – Art Teacher Libala Secondary School


The exhibition is open to the public until August 2022, and there is no entry fee. Masks are mandatory.

Artworks are not for sale.

Patrick Mumba And Victor Makashi
In Pursuit Of Joy 2