ART Making (Non) SENSE” Exhibition is officially open to the public. The exhibition features Bert Witkamp’s finest prints designed as far back as 1973, recently produced colour pencil drawings and oil paintings. The exhibition presents art as a virtual reality and engages the viewer to put on “glasses” for subjective interpretation.

Bert’s subject matter is provocative, intriguing and leaves the viewer to decide between art making sense or art making (non)sense. For this debate and more come and view this exhibition curated by Jonathan Leya. The curation presents artworks in series form yet they are individual pieces with each telling a different story. Be sure to see geometric shapes come to life in abstraction and naturalist rendering.

Gisbert (Bert) Witkamp was born on 16 November 1944, in Amsterdam, Netherlands, but now lives permanently in Choma, Zambia. He gained an Art Teachers Diploma from Rietveld Academy of Art, in Amsterdam and went on to obtain his BA and MA (cum laude) in cultural anthropology with majors in non-Western art and the anthropology of sub-Saharan Africa, at the University of Leiden (NL).

Bert’s main media are graphics, murals, and oil paint. His main art productions include: an ethyl silicate mural painting of 84m2 in Leeuwarden; mosaic mural of 54 m2 at Society House, Lusaka; over 200 batik stamp designs, corpus of drawings, prints and over 130 oil paintings.

Bert has exhibited widely, with group exhibitions in Leeuwarden (NL), Lusaka, Livingstone, Choma and Stanford (USA), and solo exhibitions in Nairobi, Leiden and Lusaka.

Other professional work: teaching art at high school (NL), teaching material technology of art at Evelyn Hone College; anthropological research on makishi in Zambia, research on materials in Zambia suited for pottery; consultancy, project management, income generation for NGOs, IT publication and marketing, small scale farming. He is a founding director of the Choma Museum and Crafts Centre, now a national museum.


For more information please contact Lechwe Trust Art Gallery +260 977 421052, +260 211 257256, [email protected] ; situated at Gallery Office Park, 4015 Lagos Road, Rhodes Park Lusaka.

Just like a woman Bert Witkamp

Just Like a Woman ~ Bert Witkamp