The Lechwe Trust Heritage Exhibition of Prints, Drawings, Ceramics and Selected Sculptures is a display of donated and purchased outstanding pieces of Zambia’s contemporary printed art, pottery, drawings and sculptures from the Lechwe Trust Heritage Collection.

Artists featured in this exhibition have been selected for their varied approaches to the various media and their creative responses to illustrating the everyday Zambian lifestyle, people, and landscapes that reveal the diverse cultural heritage of the country.

After Lechwe Trust’s 37 years of collecting and preserving Zambia’s contemporary art, this exhibition unites generations of artist from the 1970s to date, and celebrates printmakers, potters, sculptors and artists by exhibiting all prints, all ceramics and drawings, displaying the artists’s skills in exploring different media even in times of limited art material availability.

One cannot talk about printmaking in Zambia without mentioning Lutanda Mwamba (1966- 2014) who explored printmaking far beyond the limits, to bring out new colour and aesthetics. Equally this accolade goes to Cynthia Zukas, a founding member of Lechwe Trust and its current chairperson, who made her printing press available to emerging artists and, through Lechwe Trust, sponsored and facilitated multiple printmaking workshops and this exhibition shows the result of the many activities to develop printmaking in Zambia.

Ceramics on display include traditional pots made by Zambian women and collected by Bente Lorenz (1922-201), a renowned potter resident in Lusaka. This pottery explores the tension between functional and decorative qualities in design. Despite being delicate and fragile, pottery is art and must be recognised as such.

Art in whichever form creates a language beyond words. Journey through this exhibition and ‘read’ the stories as they are being told on the gallery walls. From woodcuts, linocut prints, etchings and collagraphs, to delicate European and Zambian traditional ceramics, wood and marble sculptures, and drawings, the artworks collectively tell the story of art in Zambia, and showcase the diversity of Zambia’s heritage.

The exhibition is open until mid-June 2023. Artworks are not for sale.

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British High Commissioner H.E Ambassador Nicholas Woolley, Mrs Cynthia Zukas Lechwe Trust Chairperson, Mrs Debbie Sidwell Woolley and Aase Marie Brun. a
The Italian Ambassador H.E Enrico De Agostini meets with Lechwe Trust Chairperson a
The Italian Ambassador H.E Enrico De Agostini meets with Lechwe Trust Chairperson a