“Social Reflections” is an exploration of contemporary societal dynamics through the lens of art. In an era defined by rapid cultural shifts, this exhibition serves as a platform for the two artists to examine and interpret the complexities of the human experience. As we navigate an ever-changing landscape fraught with challenges and opportunities, “Social Reflections” invites us to engage in meaningful conversations, fostering empathy, understanding, and ultimately positive social change.

No two mirrors will have the same reflections. The two artists have different inspirations, they have thrown back images on the canvas, to show and remind us how life (society) was and how it is today. Its culture is dynamic, so norms and values change as well. What was unacceptable back then, today it is acceptable or the other way round. (Maybe the society has become more tolerant.)

The two artist provoke a double-sided view of society, its transformations and differences.  Poto reflects a comparison of the past and the present, the village and the city. He brings the two conflicting parts of society in his usual realistic style. Raphael depicts a faint reflection of a society possessed in its culture and traditions, then switches to portray urban shanty lifestyles using his usual blurry yet realistic impressionist style of what goes on in society.

Through a diverse range of painting the two artists featured in this exhibition offer their unique perspectives on various social issues such as identity, inequality, environmental concerns, and the impact of economic challenges on human relationships.

Each artwork serves as a mirror reflecting back the viewer’s own perceptions, inviting introspection and dialogue. “Social Reflections” prompts us to question, contemplate, and empathise with the diverse narratives that shape our communities.

Looking at the subjects and quality of works, one can describe this exhibition as a gemstone with many facets. May you have a reflection of not letting these paintings go back to the artists’ studios. And as you leave this gallery, keep reflecting on the artworks.

This sales exhibition closes on 4th May. 

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