Welcome to Lechwe Trust’s first photography exhibition titled “Xtreme Photography to Inspire” sponsored by New Horizon Printers (nhprintingpress.com) and Zamstock Photos (zamstockphotos.com) featuring works by twenty photographers, exhibiting stories of human experience and nature. Each photographer brings a unique vision and style to their work, offering viewers a glimpse into their world, through the camera lens. The exhibition takes you on a visual journey of Zambia’s wildlife, streets, cultural richness, and the magic of Zambian night skies. Each image tells a complete story and moments captured in time.

As you explore this exhibition, we encourage you to engage with each photograph, whether you’re drawn to the tranquillity of nature and wildlife, the burst of cultural celebrations, the vitality of urban life, the complexity of human emotion, or the mysteries of abstract art, we hope that this exhibition provokes conversations. You are invited to immerse yourself in this breath-taking show of many Zambian stories.

Artworks, catalogues, books, postcards and beautiful calendars available for sale

Exhibition closes on 7th July 2024.


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