Artists represented in the Lechwe Trust collection

Mulenga Chafilwa
The collection includes some works from non-Zambian artists and sculptors who have worked and lived in Zambia and who have contributed to the art scene, however brief their stay.
Born 1954, Papua New Guinea. Brought up in Melbourne, Australia. MA degree in Fine Arts (sculpture) Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, 1982. Caulfield Institute of Technology, Melbourne Australia: Certificate of Art and Design, 1977 and Diploma of Fine Arts, 1979. Returned to Papua New Guinea and worked with Papua New Guinea National Arts School in Port Moresby. In 1990, taught sculpture and drawing at University of Papua New Guinea and became Head of Visual Arts Department. Moved with his family to Zambia in 1993 and worked as full time artist, painting and carving marble and wood with artists in Lusaka.
ASLIN, Carol
Born 1955 on the Copperbelt in Zambia. Studied drama for three years in Cape Town. Moved to London, then New York in 1984, where studied Design at Parsons, and Life Drawing at The Art Students League. In 1991 moved to London working for Old Master dealer in Piccadilly, and starting up own business specializing in paint effects and interior design. 1998, moved back to Zambia and lived in Luangwa Valley, where paintings inspired by wildlife and nature. In 2002 moved to Lusaka where she has a studio and is a full time artist.
BALLACHEY, Barbara Julie
Canadian artist living in Calgary. Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, University of Calgary, 1971. Attended the Emma Lake and Triangle Workshops, Thapong in Botswana and Mbile in Zambia. Full time painter, with occasional teaching and curatorial duties. Exhibits across Canada
BANDA, Ngamanya
Born 1974, Lundazi District, Zambia. Graduate of Rockston Studios and Gallery where apprenticed to David Chirwa for four years. Participated in many national and international workshops, including Macdonnel Colony Residency Programme, Peterbrough, United States of America. Exhibited in Cape Town, South Africa. Studying in Switzerland at the Ecole d’Art du Valais in Sierre.
BOWA, Nsofwa
BRUN, Aase Marie

Aase Marie Brun is a renowned Norwegian Textile Artist. Her artworks are based on traditional techniques and materials that use the Japanese Shibori dyeing technique, a process of dyeing on wool and silk. Each work is constructed from a number of smaller elements cut from solid wool. The pieces are dyed and mounted, and hand sewn giving the textile a 3D appearance.


Aase Marie’s diptych, ‘Twin Souls’ (2003) was donated to Lechwe Trust heritage collection by the Royal Norwegian Embassy upon the closure of its embassy in Lusaka in 2016. A second piece, ‘Flamboyant’, was donated by the artist in 2023.

Born 1967, Lusaka Zambia. 1993, Art Teacher Dipoma, Evelyn Hone College of Applied Arts and Commerce, Lusaka. Participated in art exhibitions and workshops, including Mbile in Zambia, and Braziers Artists International in United Kingdom. Work focuses on social commentary. Achieved several awards. Instrumental in Imiti Ikula “upcoming artists” weekend workshops at Henry Tayali Art Centre, Lusaka. Served as National Chairman Visual Arts Council and has been a Lechwe Trust committee member since 1997. Lives and works in Lusaka, as a full time artist. Runs annual workshop for young artists called ‘Augustudio.’
CHANDIA, Flinto S. Mumbi 1953 - 2017
Born Kitwe, Zambia, 1953.  Awarded British Council scholarship to study in United Kingdom, obtaining diploma in Fine Art from City and Guilds of London, 1983.   1991, commissioned to execute gigantic sculpture at the COMESA Centre, Lusaka.  Served Zambian art scene in many capacities: Chairman of Mbile International Artists Workshop, 1995 and Visual Arts Council, Lusaka Branch.  Has exhibited extensively in Zambia and internationally.  Ngoma award winner, 1998.  2009, awarded medal of recognition by President Rupiah Banda for outstanding work as artist in Zambia.
CHIBWE, David Kalyongo
Born 1984, Luanshya, Zambia.   1959, studied at  Des Beaux Arts, Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo. 1967, Akademies of Fine Arts and Artistic Humanities.  Full time artist since 1969, exhibiting and participating in workshops at Mpapa Gallery, Henry Tayali Art Centre, Alliance Francaise.  Recipient of several awards.  Founder member of the Art Centre Foundation workshop.  Printmaker and painter.  Lives and works in Lusaka.
CHIKWA, Lawrence
Born 1973 on the Copperbelt.  1987 studied at Literature and Calligraphy School of Kitwe, Zambia, before attending School of Fine Art in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo.  Studied in Switzerland at Ecole d’Art du Valais in Sierre, graduating with BA.  Commissioned to create murals at Alliance Francaise and DSI Kabulonga, Lusaka.  Prior to his studies, worked in Lusaka in own studio in Woodlands, and Kabulonga Boys Art Studios.  Has exhibited in France and the Netherlands.  Lives and works in Switzerland.

 is a multidisciplinary artist living in Lusaka, Zambia. She holds a diploma in Public Administration from National Institute of Public Administration and a certificate in Information Communication Technology. In 2016 she was selected Artist of the month of June by the Germany Embassy in Lusaka. In 2017, she attended a National Women’s Workshop and competition in Livingstone organised by FSD Zambia, and was awarded 2nd prize.

In 2018 Mwamba took up residency at Great More Studios in Cape Town, South Africa; and at Nafasi Arts space in Tanzania in 2020. Mwamba was selected to attend the Sanaa Festival in South Australia; showed her works and created a collaborative mural. During the festival, she received recognition in Entertainments and Arts by Push Women Awards.

Mwamba participated in the Cynthia Zukas Young Artist Award for emerging artists and was awarded 1st prize in November, 2020. She has participated in several local and international exhibitions. Her practice explores why women wear head wraps culturally and spiritually, and explores the young woman’s position in society. Mwamba is an active member of Zambia National Visual Arts Council.

Born 1064, Lusaka, Zambia.  Diplomas in graphic design and technical draftsmanship.  Worked at Moore Pottery.  Active in the arts since he completed his studies: prominent participant of the Imiti Ikula “upcoming artists” weekend workshop at Henry Tayali Art Centre, Lusaka, serving on Management Committee for two years before assuming role of National Secretary. Lives and works in Lusaka.
Self-taught artist, having attended local workshops and international workshop organised by Insaka International Artists Trust.  2002, went to Norway on Photography Fellowship, and to UK for photography study programme.  2005 Ngoma awards finalist for Aquila Simpasa Award.  Pioneer artists for Chembe Photography Club, promoting Photography as a tool in Fine Art, affiliated to Zambia National Visual Arts Council.  2004, coordinated “Camera and Darkroom of the Photography Workshop” sponsored by NORAD and Zambia National Visual Arts Council.  Works for Zambia National Visual Arts Council as a Darkroom Technician and Photographer.
Born 1064, Lusaka, Zambia.  Diplomas in graphic design and technical draftsmanship.  Worked at Moore Pottery.  Active in the arts since he completed his studies: prominent participant of the Imiti Ikula “upcoming artists” weekend workshop at Henry Tayali Art Centre, Lusaka, serving on Management Committee for two years before assuming role of National Secretary. Lives and works in Lusaka.
Born 1968, Copperbelt, Zambia.  1981, Gallery Assistant at Mpapa Gallery.  Past Treasurer of Zambian National Visual Arts Council.  1985 formed a gallery / studio called Rockston.  1989/90, worked as apprentice to Lutanda Mwamba.  Well travelled, attending workshops, exhibitions and residences in America, Europe,  Africa.  Currently Director of Rockston Studios and Gallery, Lusaka, an informal art school for young and upcoming artists.
CHISHIMBA, Bright Raphael
Born 1953, Copperbelt, Zambia.  Ceramicist and printmaker.  Art Teacher Diploma, Evelyn Hone College of Applied Arts and Commerce.  1991, Studied graphic design at Graphic Media Development Centre in The Hague, Netherlands.  1993 studied ceramic development technology in Nagoya, Japan.  Worked as teacher and senior lecturer in colleges in Zambia.  Served as National Secretary for Potters Association of Zambia,  Visual Arts Council.  Participant in many exhibitions and workshops, including Mbile.  Currently Deputy Director of National Arts Council of Zambia, Lusaka, and studying for degree in Development Studies at  Zambian Open University.
Born 1956, Nchelenge District, Zambia.  Sculptor, ceramicist, textile designer, painter.  1981, Teachers Diploma from Kwame Nkrumah College, Kabwe. 1990, art teachers diploma from the Evelyn Hone College, Lusaka 2004, diploma in textile design, diploma in graphics, diploma in pottery and ceramics, University of Gotenburg, HDK, Sweden.  Attended many national and international workshops.  Participated in group exhibitions; one man shows.  Published articles on art in Southern Africa, Germany, Sweden. Currently growing papaya trees to extract fibre to paint on.
Born 1966, Ndola, Zambia.  Painter, Graphic Designer and Photographer.  1989, Diploma from Evelyn Hone College of Applied Arts and Commerce.1990, Advanced Diploma studies in Art and Design at  Africa Literature Centre, Kitwe Zambia.  Graduated 1991. Taught Art and English at Kanshenshi High School in whilst working as Graphic Designer for youth magazine “SPEAKOUT”.  Joined Mission Press, an Ndola -based printing and design company, as computer Graphic Designer and Photo-journalist.
CHONGWE, Njalikwa
Born 1966, Sydney Australia to  Zambian father and Australian mother.  Became a potter, following years of exposure to artistic influences arising from family’s deep interest in tradition and modern art and craft.  Traces his talent to paternal great-grandmother – an Ngoni potter.  1988, with interior designer wife, established a gallery, Zingongo, South Fremantle, Australia.  2007, held solo art exhibition in Lusaka, Zambia.  Also held joint exhibition with Bente Lorenz in 2008.  Lives and works in Fremantle, Australia.
CHULU, Kenneth Zenzele
Born 1967, Chipata, Zambia.   Painter.  1993, Art Teacher Diploma, Evelyn Hone College of Applied Arts and Commerce, Lusaka.  1988, taught art at Kabulonga Boys Secondary School before serving as Acting Manager at Henry Tayali Art Centre, Lusaka.  Participated in many exhibitions and workshops including Mbile International Artists workshop and Imiti Ikula.  Worked as Research Assistant at Visual Arts Council Documentation Centre, Lusaka.  Currently Vice-Chairman of Zambia National Visual Arts Council and Coordinator of Iusaka Artists International Artists Trust
DUBE, Tubayi 1930 - 1997
Born 1930, Gwanda District, Zimbabwe.  Carver in stone and wood. Educated Mwene Mission School.  1958, attended Chirodze Art Night School, Harare.  1970, studied sculpture and ceramics at Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen. Participated in numerous workshops and has exhibited internationally.  Worked in Lusaka at Bente Lorenz Ceramic Studio.  Left many artworks in many public and private collections.
ELLISON, Gabriel 1930 - 2017
A pioneer artist in Zambia, exhibiting widely in many countries.  Fellow of Royal Society of Arts, Chartered Society of Designers, and British Display Society.  Works include stamps, government designs – the parliamentary mace, sculptures, murals and illustrations for books.  Paintings predominately landscapes.  Author of the book “Art in Zambia,” produced by Zambia Visual Arts Council in 2004.
FORD, Trevor (Yuss) 1937 - 2007
Born 1937, Caerleon, South Wales.  Worked in Zambia for thirty years.  Educated at Newport School of Art, Cardliff College of Art (University of Wales), Leeds College of Art (University of Leeds), N.D.D. ATC (Leeds) and FRSA.  Originally abstract painter, with artworks in National Collection of Wales.  1995 turned creative energy to cartoon illustrations for international publishing groups, UN agencies and private collections in Zambia, USA, Europe.  Since 1991 played major role in political cartoon publishing as ’Yuss.’
Born in Malawi; raised in the Luangwa Valley, Zambia, one of Africa’s most prolific wildlife areas. Living in Luangwa’s wilderness environment informed her work as she draws on its history, indigenous cultures and bio-diversity.  Interest in art of local women’s initiation ceremonies, and male masking societies, led to formal research for Master of Fine Arts degree at Wits University, Johannesburg under Karel Nel.  Represented in collections internationally. Exhibited with Everard Read. Lives and works in the Luangwa Valley.
HARTLEY, Ruth Dorothy
Born 1943, Harare, Zimbabwe.  Accomplished painter and arts development mover.  1964, BA fine arts degree from Michaelis School of Art, Cape Town, South Africa.  1981, Post Graduate Certificate in Art Education, London.  1999, MA in video dissertation at APU, Cambridge, United Kingdom.  Served as an Mpapa Gallery Director for a decade, organisating several solo and group exhibitions as well as art workshops in Zambia.  Co-ordinated British Council / Vincent Waropy sculpture workshops in 1990/1, and first Mbile International Artists workshop in 1993.  Guest speaker at the Third Havana Bienial, Cuba in 1989.  Lives and works in France.
JACK, Baba
JERE Dennis

Dennis Jere Born in Kitwe in 1985, Dennis Jere studied at Evelyn Hone College and graduated as a teacher of Art and English in 2006. Having the privilege of growing up in the presence of renowned artists such asVincentio Phiri, Patrick Mumba, and Godfrey Setti has given him rare exposure to professional art in Zambia.

As an impressionist and abstract artist, Dennis’s art is influenced by the daily dynamics of a common Zambian and African life at large. Colour and mood and the deliberate contrast of things in nature has helped him add more to his creativity, as has abstract thought. He describes his work as ‘a cosmic conundrum’, “You don’t need to understand it but you must love it.”

Dennis has exhibited at World Bank and African Bank in 2007. He has participated in many exhibition including African Inspiration since 2017. Currently, he teaches Art at Nyumba Yanga Secondary School and is pursuing a BA in Art and English.

KABWE, Paul 1957 - 1994
Born 1957, Kitwe, Zambia, Self-taught acclaimed sculptor based in Lusaka.  Worked in stone and wood.  Participated in many workshops and exhibitions at Mpapa Gallery and Henry Tayali Art Centre.  Worked in Linda Compound where he had a studio.  Won awards for his work and inspired many young artists in Zambia.
Born 1959,  Mufulira, Copperbelt Province, Zambia.  Worked at Kafue Textiles of Zambia, Kabwe as a Designer until 2005.  Since then has been a freelance artist.  His paintings in both acrylic and oil depict Zambian life in high density areas.   Brings all players of society into focus; giving them fresh colour.  Captures all aspects of life from street vendors to crowded bars.
Self-taught painter based in Ndola.  Originally from Germany.  Married Ndola-based architect and has lived in Zambia since 1977.  1993, began exhibiting with several other women  Subsequently opened her home for artists to meet and paint every Wednesday afternoon.  Painting in water colour, gauche and acrylics.  Subject matter ranging from aspects of nature to people.  Participated in many group exhibitions; two solo exhibitions, in Ndola and Lusaka.
KALUSA, Edwin 1985 - 2009
Among the young and upcoming sculptors trained by Friday Tembo at Ulendo Studios in Linda Compound.  Has exhibited in Lusaka at Henry Tayali Centre, and Twaya Art-Zambia Gallery.   Great admirer of Ngoni Warrior dancers.  Was working with his young sculptors at Ulendo Studios in Linda Compound at the time of his death.
KAPPATA, Stephen Chipango 1939 - 2007
Born 1939, Barotseland Protectorate, Western Province, Zambia. Self-taught painter.  1986, first exhibition, Mpapa Gallery, Lusaka.  Focuses on political elements from colonial era and traditional aspects of Zambian life. Subjects always depicted in satirical graphic profile.  Exhibited widely in Zambia and abroad.  Featured in many reputable international art magazines and journals, including African Arts.  Lived and worked in Mongu and Livingstone.
KIRBY, Radu Tesaro
KULYA, Fackson
Sculptor who worked consistently since the early 1980s.  A founder member of the Arts Centre Foundation workshop where diversified into printmaking and related draftsmanship skills.  Also worked in bronze, employing the lost wax method of casting, together with Germain Ngoma.  Has exhibited in Lusaka and executed commissions for hotels and other public places.  Lived and worked on the Copperbelt.
KUNDA, Style
Born 1953, Luanshya District, Zambia. Self-taught painter.  1969 started sign writing, moving to painting on canvas, 1977.  1992, worked as a Gallery Attendant at Mpapa Gallery, Lusaka, during which time received artist’s working grant sponsored by Norad.  Served on Mbile International Artists Workshop Committee as Treasurer and Secretary until 1995.  Work focuses on social commentary and related aspects of life in Zambia.  Has exhibited internationally and has widely participated in workshops in the Southern African region.
LOMBE, Petson
LORENZ, Bente 1922 - 2011
Born 1922, Denmark.  Ceramicist.  Studied at School of Arts and Crafts in Copenhagen.  Worked in Copenhagen and London in graphics, textiles and ceramics before moving to Africa.  1995, established ceramic studio in Harare, Zimbabwe.  Later moved workshop to Lusaka, Zambia.  Held many solo exhibitions in Harare, Lusaka, Dar-es–Salaam, Tokyo.  Has taken part in numerous group exhibitions.  Worked with Zambian women to make pots in the traditional way, which were then glazed and fired. Specialized in local and raw material  to create clay bodies and glazes.  The Lorenz Studio combined the best of Zambia and European ceramics into an international art form.  Founder member of Lechwe Trust.
MABUKU, Samuel
MAGODI, Lillian
MAIBWE, Peter 1955 – 2011
Born 1955.  Educated in Kitwe.  Recognized as the foremost water colourist of his time.  1978, Diploma in Graphic Art, Evelyn Hone College of Applied Arts and Commerce, Lusaka.  Has been prominent artist ever since.  Has had three solo exhibitions and has participated in many group exhibitions in Zambia and Europe. Lives and works in Lusaka.
Born 1956, Kasama, Zambia.   1981, Diploma, Mufulira Teacher’s College. 1986, Art Teacher Diploma, Evelyn Hone College of Applied Arts and Commerce, Lusaka.  1992, taught art at Kabulonga Girls’ Secondary School, before joining Copperbelt Museum, Ndola as Senior Technical Officer.  Was Copperbelt Province Chairperson for Visual Arts Council.  Later elected Visual Arts Council National Chairperson, then Deputy Director of the National Arts Council of Zambia.  Has won several awards and has exhibited and participated in many local and international forums.  Currently Director of National Arts Council of Zamba.
1965, graduated with National Teachers Diploma in Art from Natal Technical College. 1973 completed postgraduate course in ceramics at Croydon College of Art, London, UK.  Taught for many years in secondary schools and as a senior lecturer at Evelyn Hone College of Applied Arts and Commerce, Lusaka.  Ceramicist, printmaker, painter.  Has had many solo exhibitions, and participated in group exhibitions in Zambia, Japan, Seoul.  Own private studio in Lusaka.
MBEWE, Jesat
MFUZI, Clement
Self-taught artist.  Educated in Lusaka and Kitwe.  1995, awarded Commonwealth Youth Scholarship.  Studied tie-and-dye at Entrepreneurs Youth Centre, Ghana.  From 1990, full time artist.  Since 1996 has worked in several youth centres on HIV/AIDS projects in Lusaka, San Francisco, and Yorkshire in UK.  Served as National Treasurer and Secretary of Zambia National Visual Arts Council. Has attended many workshops and has participated in group exhibitions at home and abroad.  Lives and works in Lusaka.
MIKO, William Bwalya
Born 1961, Mwense, Zambia.  Artist and arts development interlocutor.  1988, graduated from Middlesex University in London with Fine Art BA degree. 1989, Art Teacher Diploma, Evelyn Home College of Applied Arts and Commerce, Lusaka.  1990, taught art at Kabulonga Girls’ Secondary School. 1999, MA in Fine Art, Middlesex University.  Founder, Zambia National Visual Arts Council, 1989.  Manager, Henry Tayali Art Centre, 1994.  Has exhibited and conducted workshops in Africa and abroad.  Member of establishment team for first Fine Arts degree programme at Zambian Open University where he lectures in Fine Arts.   A Lechwe Trust graduate.
MITI, John
Born 1965, Colombio, Sri Lanka.  1973, came to Zambia and was educated at Dominican Girls’ Convent, Ndola, where interest in art began.  1992, started to exhibit and practice professionally, through exhibitions and women’s artists workshops at Henry Tayali Art Centre, Lusaka.  1992 – 94, served as Visual Arts Council, Vice National Secretary and Committee Member.  Has participated in Mbile International Artists workshops.  Has been Visual Arts Council Centre Manager.  Lives and works in Sri Lanka.
MIYOBA, Caroline
Art teacher, Kabulonga Boys’ School, Lusaka.  As painter, started with the help of the late Shadreck Simukanga, but ventured into serious painting after the Evelyn Hone College course where trained as artist in 2004.  Works mostly on realistic figures that are a reflection of voices of children, women and old people.   2006, Ngoma Award for best female artist.  Has served on Visual Arts Executive Committee for several years.
Born 1976, Mbala, Northern Province.  Art Teacher Diploma, Evelyn Hone College of Applied Arts and Commerce, Lusaka.  Has served on national executive committee as member of Zambia National Visual Arts Council.  Art teacher American International School, Lusaka.  Has exhibited locally and in USA.
Initially a street sign writer in the late 1980s but in spare time painted scenes of Lusaka town centre, the railway and bus stations. Paintings became popular and art patrons commissioned him to paint their houses or work places.
MUMBA, Eddie Mbao
Born in Chipata, Zambia 1953.  Well known sculptor.  Studied on the Copperbelt, and took up a studio residence at the Wimbledon School of Art, London, in 1993.  Participated in many workshops and exhibitions and recipient of several awards.  Manager of the Henry Tayali Art Centre in 1992, Vice Chairman of Zambia National Visual Arts Council in 1996. Lives and works in Lusaka.  Currently a sculptor tutor at the Evelyn Hone College in the Dept of Education where inspires a lot of students.
MUMBA, Patrick
Born 1961, Kasama, Zambia.  Painter and active organizer on the Zambian art scene.  Art Teacher Diploma, Evelyn Hone College of Applied Arts and Commerce, Lusaka.  Taught at Kamwala Secondary School, Lusaka. 1964, sponsored by Lechwe Trust and Chibote Limited to study at Slade School of Fine Art, London where obtained BA Honours degree.  Toured many museums and galleries in Europe and USA.  1998, received Ngoma Award.  Past Chairman of Mbile International Artists’ Workshop and Head of the Education Department at Evelyn Hone College of applied Arts and Commerce.  Owns and runs New Residence Gallery.
Born 1964 Lusaka Province.  Completed secondary education at Munali in Lusaka where was taught and inspired by the late Shadreck Simukanga.  1991, part-time Diploma Course in Art the Evelyn Hone College of Applied Arts and Commerce.  Also worked with Andrew Makromallis.  Originally worked in oil, now acrylic on canvas, focusing on social commentary depicting urban shanty town lifestyles.  Has recently started exploring traditional geometric patterns.  Taught at Namununga in Lusaka for many years.
MWABA, Stary
Born 1976, Chingola, Zambia.  Self-taught artist.  Apprenticed at Lutanda Mwamba’s studio, where learnt painting techniques, colours and materials.   Has exhibited in Francophone Exhibition at Alliance Francaise, National Artists Exhibition at Henry Tayali Art Centre, and Mbile International Artists workshop. Highly active internationally, taking up Commonwealth Scholarship residences and exhibitions in the Carribean Islands, USA, South Africa and Ireland.  Held successful solo show in Johannesburg at MOMO Gallery.  Lives and works in Lusaka, running art workshops with fellow Zambian artists for orphans and vulnerable children
MWAMBA, Lutanda 1966 - 2014
Born 1966, Kasama, Zambia. Versatile, multi-disciplinary artist.  1986, Diploma in Graphic Design, Evelyn Hone College of Applied Arts and Commerce.  1990, studied art at Reading University, UK through Commonwealth Foundation Fellowship and Lechwe Trust sponsorship.  Took up an art residency in Jamaica.  1996 and 1997 received Ngoma awards.  Also executed corporate commissions.  Lives and works in Lusaka where he continues to inspire artists in various art forms.
Born 1960, Nchelenge District.  Painter, also drawing in pen and ink.  1986,  Art Diploma, Evelyn Hone College of Applied Arts and Commerce, Lusaka.  1993, took up studio residency at Wimbledon School of Art, London.  1994, studied graphics in The Hague, Netherlands,  obtaining Graphic Design Certificate.  Participated in regional workshops and exhibited in Africa and Europe.  Taught art in Botswana but has since returned to Zambia to practice art on full-time basis.  Has written a book on Drawing Tips.
MWANZA, Mabvuto
Born 1973, Lusaka.  In 2001, studied sculpture as apprentice to David Chirwa at Rockston Studio,  Lusaka.  2002, worked with master sculptor Flinto Chandia in Kabasa Sculpture Workshop, sponsored by Lechwe Trust at Kabulonga Art Centre.  Enjoys working in stone, exploring natural textures of marble excavated locally.  Lives and works in Lusaka.
MWEEMBA, Patrick
MWIKISA Godfrey Likando

Godfrey Likando Mwikisa was born in 1960 in Nsepe village, Mumbwa. He holds a BA Degree in Fine Art from Zambian Open University and obtained a Diploma in Art from Evelyn Hone College, and further studied Museum graphics at the University of Victoria in Canada. Godfrey worked in Botswana as an Art Teacher for eight years before returning to Zambia. Godfrey has participated in several Group Exhibitions in Lusaka, Livingstone, and at a student show at Kent Institute of Art & Design in the United Kingdom. He is currently lecturing at Evelyn Hone College in Lusaka.

NEVERS, Laurey
Born 1957, New Brunswick, Canada.  1992, Diploma in Fine Art, Emily Carr College of Art and Design, Vancouver.  Worked on several public and private space restoration commissions in Canada before moving to Lusaka in 1992 to work with Visual Arts Council. Organizes and participated in many national and international exhibitions, women artists’ workshops, including publicly commissioned murals with street kid centres, and in corporate business spaces such as the COMESA Centre.  Lives and works in Lusaka, Zambia.
NGOMA, Germaine
Born 1953, Zimbabwe.  1983, trained at SHKS, and in 1988 went on to study at Royal Art Academy in Oslo.  Has exhibited widely in Zambia and around the world, including studio residencies in Japan, Germany, Sweden and UK. Has been exhibiting since 1973.  Earlier work involved miniature figurative bronze sculptures.
NINDA, Angela
NJOBVU, Dabson
Born 1958, Petauke District, Zambia.  Self-taught painter in oils on canvas. Became well known on Zambian art scene after winning First Prize in each of the three consecutive Mobil Art Competitions.  Was initially inspired by wildlife.  Has been working and living in Tanzania, but is now back in Zambia.
NKHOMA, Mcdonald

Gift Rabecca Nondo was born on 28th November,1982. She started practicing art at secondary school and joined the Visual Arts association upon completion in 2002.  In 2003 she enrolled in the School of Art Education at Evelyn Hone college, stopping in the third year due to financial challenges. Lechwe Trust sponsored her to complete her Art diploma in 2008. In 2016, Lechwe Trust, granted her a scholarship to study art at degree level at the Zambian Open University. Gift graduated in 2021 with a degree in Fine Arts.


Workshops and exhibtions: 2002, Women in Visual Arts at Electro Commission Center in the Showgrounds, with Shadreck Simukanga’s facilitating. 2004-2008 the Augustudio (imiti ikula) spearheaded by Chafilwa Mulenga. 2009 assisted with the ‘Art Lives On’ exhibition sponsored by Lechwe Trust. Since then, assisted at many Lechwe Trust exhibitions. 2017, attended the National Visual Arts workshop for women artists in Livingstone, sponsored by FSD Zambia.


Gift is currently serving as a vice chairperson for Zambia National Visual Arts, and as a secondary school art teacher.

NSABASHI, Dean Paul Katongo
Born 1951, Luanshya. Has participated in many workshops at home and abroad including Mbile International Workshops and international workshop in Budapest, Hungary.  Akwila Simpasa has been a big influence.
Born 1971, Lusaka. Trained at Rockston Studio. 1990/3 learned stone carving with David Chirwa, followed by carpentry and joinery course at Chilenje Trades School, Lusaka.  Works primarily in wood, moving from realistic style to abstract.  Has exhibited with Mbile International Artists Exhibition, Group Show Alliance Francaise and Mobil Oil Arts Endowment.  Lives and works in Lusaka.
PHIRI, Bisalom
PHIRI, Geoffrey
Born 1973, Livingstone, Zambia.  1997,  Art Teacher Diploma from Evelyn Hone College of Applied Arts and Commerce.  Holds certificate in video production from Audio Visual Department of Technical Education and Vocational Training, Lusaka.  1999, undertook arts administration study tour in Norway.  A coordinator of the Imiti Ikula weekend Workshop at Henry Tayali Art Centre.  1997, served on Visual Arts Council Management Committee and in the Visual Arts Council Documentation Centre, Lusaka.  Lives and works in Cape Town, South Africa.
PHIRI, Martin Abasi 1957 - 1997
Trained in China where obtained degree in Fine Art, 1985.  Upon return to Zambia was instrumental in forming Zambia National Visual Arts Council in March 1987, spreading its influence throughout the country.  Won many international awards.  Has traveled to many parts of the world.  Lechwe Trust owns drawing made while he was a student in China.
PHIRI, Rabson
Born 1982, in Lusaka, Zambia, Phiri’s work features an ingenious use of scrap metal that comprises mainly car and bicycle parts. The latter features prominently in his work perhaps because he spent his teenage years as a bicycle mechanic, an occupation that led him to his mentor, the late Friday Tembo. As a 16-year-old Phiri was hired to fix his soon to be mentors’ bicycle, but when he visited Tembo’s Ulendo Studios – an informal art school right in the heart of Linda compound – in 1998, he was instantly enthralled with the place.

He accepted an offer to join Ulendo, and accompanied Tembo alongside others on an expedition to reclaim discarded wood for use at the studio. The learning process had already started. Ever since, he has worked with stone, scrap metal and hardwoods which he still harvests from surrounding areas. He has attended several workshops, including a recycling workshop in Nigeria, and has exhibited in numerous group shows. He was also awarded second prize in sculpture in 2010 for the Art for Wildlife competition. Rabson Phiri has featured on CNN’s Inside Africa. He mentored James Mumba who got first price in the Art for wildlife competition. Also exhibited in China in 2016.

Rabson Phiri Combined Hair Extensions

“Combined Hair Extensions”, 2018, Grey Marble, 187x70x40.5cm

PHIRI, Vincentio
Born 1956, Zimbabwe.  1970s, entered art scene in Zambia as self-taught artist. An early member of the printmaking group that used to meet at Evelyn Hone College of Applied Arts and Commerce.  Traveled extensively in Europe and  participated in many exhibitions.  Currently involved on committee of the Insaka International Artists Workshop, where he is Chairman in Lusaka.
PLESNER, Margaret
Much loved and inspiring teacher of art and cultural history at Evelyn Hone College of Applied Arts and Commerce, 1971-74.  Painted constructive landscapes and abstractions.  Close friend of Henry Tayali and his wife who visited her in Denmark.  Exhibited widely in Denmark and Zambia.
QGAM, Coinx’ai Dada
Qgam Coinx’ai, popularly known as Dada, is a prolific artist and prominent painter of San origin in Botswana.  Has featured and participated in many exhibitions and workshops in central and southern Africa and other parts of the world. Lives and works in Botswana.  1998 came to Zambia to participate in  Mbile International Artists Workshop, Siavonga.
SAMPA, Ignatious
Born Rhodesia, lived in Kitwe and Kabwe in Zambia for many years.  Studied Art in South Africa and Italy.  Moved to New York and exhibited annually at Royal Academy summer exhibitions and Gallileo in New York and Toronto.  Well-known sculptor and painter.  Left for Canada in 1980.
SETTI, Godfrey 1958 - 2002
Born 1958, Kitwe, Zambia.  1980, teaching certificate from Kitwe Teacher Training College, Kitwe. 1986, Diploma in Art from the Evelyn Hone College of Applied Arts and Commerce. Lusaka.  BA Honours degree, Reading University, UK, 1989.  1997, served as a senior lecturer at Evelyn Hone College of Applied Arts and Commerce, was Chairman of Mbile Workshop, and a Lechwe Trust Committee member in 1993.  Exhibited widely.  Studied for his MA Degree at Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa and was pursuing his PhD studies in Fine Arts at the time of his death.
SIMPASA, Akwila 1945 - Unknown

Born 1945 on the Copperbelt, Zambia.  As a young man showed great talent.  In 1965 held first solo exhibition at Red Cross Headquarters, Lusaka.  Gifted visual artist. Started drawing from an early age, creating charcoal drawings on walls at primary school.  Won art competition at high school.  Studied graphic art at Mindolo Ecumenical Centre, Ndola, then worked at local newspaper publisher as graphic designer, before going to Europe for further art education.  In England worked with Barbara Moore, daughter of sculptor Henry Moore, who was a great inspiration to the Zambian artist.

SIMUKANGA, Shadreck 1955 - 2004
Born 1955, Ndola, Zambia.  Painter and teacher of art at Munali Secondary School, Lusaka. 1979, Diploma in Art Teaching from Evelyn Hone College of Applied Arts and Commerce, Lusaka where he majored in ceramics. 1992, took up studio residence at the Delfina Studios, London.  Participated in many workshops and exhibitions internationally. 1995, served as Zambia National Visual Arts Council Vice-Chairman, and Mbile International Artists committee member.  A selfless artist, sharing his knowledge and skills, and inspiring many artists.
Born 1963, Mufulira, Zambia.  1986, Diploma in Primary School Teaching, Mufulira Teachers College, graduating with award in art and crafts as best overall student.  Latterly, works as freelance sign writer and illustrator.  1994, The Lechwe Trust awarded him a prize for his outstanding painting “Mediation’.  Lives and works in Chongwe, east of Lusaka..
SITWALA, Njekwa Kahalu
Born 1955, Lukulu District, Zambia.  Painter, printmaker and teacher.  1981, Diploma in Education with majors in Arts and Geography, Kwame Nkhrumah Teachers’ College.  1993, studio residence at Wimbledon School of Art, London.  Has participated in many workshops and exhibitions.  Taught at Kabulonga Girls’ Secondary School as Head of Industrial Arts Department.  Now heads a Basic School in Bauleni, Lusaka.
STREET, Alison
TAYALI, Henry 1943 - 1987
Born 1943, Serenje District, Zambia.  One of Zambia’s most celebrated and accomplished artists.  Attended Mzilikazi Art Centre, Zimbabwe.  1967, BA in Fine Arts, Makerere University, Uganda.  MA degree Staatiliche Kunstakademic, Dusseldorf, Germany through German Academic Exchange scholarship.  Active artist and art advocate who worked and served on many committees including Department of Cultural Services, Art Centre Foundation, International Artists Association, Lechwe Trust – of which he was a founding member.  Resident artist and research fellow at the University of Zambia. His works highly sought after.  Public artworks include “Bull”, a metal sculpture along the International Airport Road, Lusaka; and “Graduate”, the concrete sculpture at University of Zambia.
TEMBO, Friday 1962 -2004
Born Lusaka, Zambia 1962, self-taught sculptor attended numerous workshops at home and abroad.  The most significant workshops were Vincent Waropy, 1990/1992 in Lusaka and Mbile. Took up residence in the United Kingdom at Gasworks Studios of the Triangle Art Trust in London in 1997.  Received an Ngoma Award in 1997.  At the time of his death had successfully established an informal school called Ulendo Studios where he left many young artists as apprentices, who still work there up to this day.
TEMBO, Nukwase

Nukwase Tembo is a renowned visual artist from Zambia, exploring the intricacies of human existence through the lens of an African woman, who likes to challenge societal norms that marginalise women and people of colour. Her current work focuses on, but is not limited to, normalising blackness and reclaiming agency over women’s bodies.
Nukwase is a three-time Ngoma Award nominee and a top 100 finalist in the Barclays L’atelier competition. With international workshop and exhibition experience, Nukwase has held impactful solo exhibitions, including ‘The Gatekeepers of Morality’ and ‘The Hue-Man Condition’. Her art redefines boundaries and promotes inclusivity in black identity.

Born, South Wales 1949, versatile Zimbabwean artist and art administrator.  Studies in the UK and Africa and accrued several qualifications, including an MA in Art and Design Education, De Montfort University in Leicester; a BSC (special Honors in Sociology), University of Zimbabwe; a BA (Fine Art) University of Cape Town.  Williams served in several high level positions in Zimbabwe and Botswana.  Was an initiator of the regional and international artists workshops in Southern Africa.
WILLIAMS, Stephen 1938 - 1995
Born, South Wales 1949, versatile Zimbabwean artist and art administrator.  Studies in the UK and Africa and accrued several qualifications, including an MA in Art and Design Education, De Montfort University in Leicester; a BSC (special Honors in Sociology), University of Zimbabwe; a BA (Fine Art) University of Cape Town.  Williams served in several high level positions in Zimbabwe and Botswana.  Was an initiator of the regional and international artists workshops in Southern Africa.

Born 1944 in Amsterdam. Following A levels he obtained an art teaching diploma. During 1970-74 he taught art part time at a junior high school in the city of Leeuwarden. He continued to study and practice art, in particular graphics, mural design and the material technology of art. Following the commission of a technically innovative 84 m2 mural he left in 1975 for Zambia.
In Lusaka Bert cooperated with young Zambian artists notably in graphic art and mural design. He also taught the material technology of art at the Evelyn Hone College. Following the completion of a large mosaic mural at Society House, Lusaka, he returned in 1980 to the Netherlands for academic pursuits.
Bert studied and worked at the University of Leiden in the sub-Faculty of Cultural Anthropology where he obtained his M.A. having majors in non-western art and the anthropology of sub-Sahara Africa. His research and thesis is about makishi as art.
In 1988 Bert was employed by the Netherlands Ministry of Development Cooperation as the project manager of what then was named The Gwembe Valley Tonga Museum and Crafts Project. In that capacity he is the founding director of what now is the Choma Museum and Crafts Centre (CMCC) and Zambia’s fifth national museum. He was associated to the CMCC in various capacities until 2008.
Bert did consultancy work as of 1996 amongst others for the Mumbwa Crafts Association in Mongu, the CMCC, The Lusaka National Museum and the Lechwe Trust.
Around 2009 Bert returned to his first professional love: the arts.

YOMBWE, Agnes Buya
Born Mazabuka, Zambia 1966, painter and sculptor.  Received an Art Teachers Diploma from Evelyn Hone College, Lusaka 1989.  A certificate in art and design from Wimbledon School of Art, London. Taught Art at Libala and Matero Boys Secondary schools in Lusaka.  A founder member of the Zambia National Visual Arts Council (VAC).  In the 1990s coordinated and facilitated women artists’ workshops at VAC, where she served as National Treasurer.  Prolific and successful experimental artist who has won several awards.  She has held several solo exhibitions.  Undertaken prestigious studio residencies at the Edward Munch Studio in Oslo, Norway in 1995 and at the McColl Centre for Visual Art in North Carolina, USA in 2002.  Has exhibited in many parts of the world and is currently living and working in Livingstone, Zambia where she runs a private Studio and Gallery called Wayi Wayi.  Yombwe conducts weekend workshops for children in Livingstone.
YOMBWE, Lawrence
Born Kalulushi 1958. Accomplished painter and one of Zambia’s foremost artists.  Art Teachers Diploma from Evelyn Hone College, Lusaka 1990.  Studied for an advanced certificate in Fine Arts (painting) at Croydon College, London in 1980.  Worked as a graphic artist for Ndola Catholic Diocese in 1982 and taught art at Matero Boys Secondary in 1966.  Former Vice Chairman and senior member of VAC.  In 1994 helped the Documentation Centre at VAC in Lusaka.  Has won several first prize awards in art, and initiated the Christian images ART workshops sponsored by the Catholic church department of communications Secretariat in Lusaka in 1995.  Has participated in many regional and international workshops and exhibitions.  Currently living and working in Livingstone.
ZUKAS, Cynthia S.
Born 1931 Cape Town, South Africa, contributed greatly to the development of art in Zambia.  BA in Fine Arts from the University of Cape Town, South Africa.  Zukas in multi-talented, working in oils and prints / etching and has been a prominent figure in promoting and developing printmaking and etching in Zambia. She has had four solo exhibitions: 1975, 1980, 1985 and in 2001 a joint exhibition with Bente Lorenz at the Gallery, Marco Polo, Lusaka.  Co-director of Mpapa Gallery.  Contributions include making an etching press available to young artists.  Chairperson of Lechwe Trust.  2000 National Arts Council winner of “Ngoma award for outstanding contribution in the development of the visual arts”;  2012 MBE for “… creating an historical archive of Zambian art spanning more than 50 years.”
ZULU, Elisha Alex
Born on the Copperbelt, Zambia 1957, painter and graphic illustrator.  Obtained first Certificate in Commercial Art from the London Education Association in 1984 and later acquired a Diploma in art from Chelsea School of Art in London in 1989.  Held solo exhibitions and has participated in group exhibitions at home and abroad.  Obtained a BA in fine arts from Namibia University fully sponsored by Lechwe Trust.  Keen documentalist in arts and culture.  Zulu lives in Mbala and has recently retired from Moto Moto Museum as Chief Technical officer.
Andrew Chifita Collections Custodian Lechwe Trust Art Gallery
Joseph Chinunga 2, Guitar, Scrap Metal, 274cm x 120cm x 13cm
Andrew Chifita Collections Custodian Lechwe Trust Art Gallery
Patrick Mweemba, Kuomboka, Woodcut Print, 60cm x 45cm, 1985