About Lechwe Trust

Lechwe Trust was formed as a charitable trust in Zambia in1986. Its Founding Members were:

Cynthia Zukas, MBE
Cynthia was born in 1931 in Cape Town, South Africa. She graduated with a BA in Fine Art from Cape Town University.  Cynthia arrived in Zambia in 1965 and became involved in the country’s cultural and artistic movements including: Art Centre Foundation, Mpapa Gallery, National Museums Board, Zambia National Arts Council. In 1986 she became Chairperson of Lechwe Trust.  In 2000, Cynthia was the winner of the National Arts Council “Ngoma award for outstanding contribution in the development of the visual arts”. In 2011, she received the Mama Julia Chikamuneka Award for “recognition of commitment to a just society”. In 2012 she received from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain an MBE award for “promoting visual arts in Zambia” and being “instrumental in creating an historical archive of Zambian art spanning more than 50 years.” Cynthia is a practicing painter and printmaker.
Bente Lorenz
Bente Lorenz 1922 – 2011
Bente was born in 1922, Denmark.  She studied at the School of Arts and Crafts in Copenhagen, and worked in Copenhagen and London in graphics, textiles and ceramics before moving to Africa.  In 1955, she established a ceramic studio in Harare, Zimbabwe; later moving her workshop to Lusaka, Zambia, where she met Cynthia Zukas and served with her on many art-related committees.  Bente worked with Zambian women to make pots in the traditional way, which were then glazed and fired. As a founding member of Lechwe Trust, Bente brought her vast knowledge of art, her impeccable judgment and her wisdom. She was an active member all her life and was much loved by artists and committee members.
Henry Tayali
Henry Tayali 1943 – 1987
Henry was born in 1943, in Serenje District, Zambia.  Henry attended Mzilikazi Art Centre in Zimbabwe. Thereafter, in 1967, he graduated with a BA in Fine Arts from Makerere University in Uganda; followed by an MA degree from Staatiliche Kunstakademic in Dusseldorf Germany. On his return to Zambia, Henry became resident artist and research fellow at the University of Zambia in Lusaka.  As an active artist and art advocate, Henry worked and served on many committees including Department of Cultural Services.  In 1986, as Zambia’s top artist and Chairman of the Art Centre Foundation, Henry joined Cynthia and Bente to found the Lechwe Trust, where he guided the drafting of the ‘aims and objectives’ and provided valuable advice on the processes of giving grants.  Henry died tragically young in 1987.

The Aims and Objectives of Lechwe Trust are:

to promote and encourage the visual arts in Zambia and provide assistance and encouragement to Zambian artists to further their artistic education by:


  • promoting artistic knowledge and an arts training programme in Zambia
  • providing scholarships in Zambia and abroad for talented Zambian artists
  • purchasing or commissioning works of art to be displayed in public places
  • supporting and encouraging individuals/groups to work toward the promotion of the visual arts in Zambia and the preservation and display of the material culture of Zambia; “the visual arts” include painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, contemporary and traditional crafts
  • promoting and financing exhibitions in Zambia and the sub-region and abroad

Lechwe Trust has sponsored four talented artists for Fine Art degrees – three to UK and one to Namibia. Two of them subsequently obtained their Masters degrees. Godfrey Setti, Patrick Mumba, William Miko, and Elisha Zulu all returned home to make major contributions to the development of the visual arts, which is very rewarding for Lechwe Trust and for Zambia.